The Alaska Club

David and I are psyched.  We had always hoped that we could find work at a remote lodge in Alaska for the season.  It would include food and lodging, which would virtually eliminate our living expenses while being gainfully employed. We began, even before we left New York, crafting a canvas letter – introducing ourselves, […]

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Or to Nome….   When we first realized we were really getting to volunteer on the trail for the Iditarod, David asked me if I wanted to try to make it to Nome to the Awards Banquet.  I tucked away the notion as out of the realm of possibilities, logistically and financially. But like light at […]

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Safety Last

I am sure my whole “Alaska thing” had friends shaking their heads.  I’m a nerd, a bookkeeper, a computer geek by all accounts.  Living outside my comfort zone is a big part of the joy here in Alaska.  Imagine my euphoria then to get a phone call just moments after I arrived in Unalakleet from […]

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Love At First Flight

Thank you to my wife, for allowing my “guest post”. Since I was the lucky one to get a position at Rainy Pass, she suggested I share my experience. This checkpoint is not a village at all, but rather a remote hunting and adventure lodge. It’s just before the highest elevation of the Iditarod trail. […]

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The Call….

We’ve all gotten them.  A call that changes everything.   In 1987, I got a call from a certain New York State Trooper asking me if I “did lunch”.  That call changed my life.  In January of this year, while on top of a mountain in Alaska, we got a call announcing the arrival of our […]

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Start Me Up

Alberto Salazar is quoted as saying, “I had as many doubts as anyone else.  Standing on the starting line, we’re all cowards.”  After I waved good bye to Dave last Saturday morning, as he flew off in the bush plane for Rainy Pass, I actually felt a bit of dread trying to find my way […]

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Happy Trails

To be an Iditarod volunteer, you must fill out an application, indicating all the race activities you’d like to participate in.  This doesn’t mean you’ll get chosen for all of them. But, as we all know, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. The early pre-race activities are open to all able-bodied helpers, […]

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